Located in a paradise-like bay between Chernomorets and the ancient Sozopol, the campsite is in one of the most picturesque places you can find in the world. But for us the real secret ingredient is the staff many of whom are part of the Camping Garden family since its establishment. Discover the beautifully written moments of everyday life through the stories of our exceptional characters.

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"Wake up" on NOVA: Free sun loungers, sun umbrellas and sea entertainment at Camping Gradina for summer 2021

Free sun umbrellas, sun loungers and various water attractions are waiting for holidaymakers in Camping Gradina in the summer of 2021, announced the team of "Wake up" on NOVA in a full coverage. They toured the South Black Sea coast to inform their audience what to expect for the summer of 2021, and one of their must-see stops was our Camping Gradina. The manager of Camping Gradina Elena Pinelova met them.

Escape to paradise in May - Camping Gradina is the right place!

If you are wondering where to spend the May holidays at the end of the month and you are eager for summer, sunshine and sea - do not hesitate at all - throw your swimsuit in the car and go to the Black Sea coast, because Camping Gradina opens its doors and now welcomes all sea enthusiasts like us. As the EVA magazine in its June issue advises us.

Through the eyes of the media (in BG):

The bungalows of Camping Gradina: The place where style meets the sea

Campsite, but a real Garden!

Weekend in Camping Gradina

Camping Gradina, opening of season 2020 and a different summer (RU)

One, two, three – to the sea oasis take me, thee!

Free umbrellas for the guests in the seaside houses of Camping Gradina

Camping Gradina collects salty sea stories

Published in facts.bg: Dilyana Popova, Orlin Pavlov and Niki Iliev told us their salty sea stories from Camping Gradina

Dilyana Popova: Camping Gradina means freedom, this is my favourite beach!

Dilyana Popova: I have seen sunsets such as those in Gradina in quite a few places

Dilyana Popova and her favourite summer destination in Bulgaria

From personal experience: Camping Gradina 2019

Camping Gradina: Bohemian freedom near the sea

Orlin Pavlov’s summer vacation at Camping Gradina

Orlin Pavlov’s and Niki Iliev’s sea stories from Camping Gradina

Home office from the campsite? Why not

Where is your heart?

My heart is here - in Camping Gradina

Alexander Kadiev meets his guests near the sea

Alexander Kadiev stays for the first time in a caravan and he likes it

Camping Gradina: The recipe for a great summer

In preparation mode: Camping Gradina opens on the 1st of May

Summer is closer than ever: Camping Gradina opens on the 1st of May

Spring holidays at the beach

Orlin Pavlov is resting at Camping Gradina

Camping Gradina is a summer hit again, some of the bungalows are reserved for the entire summer

Camping Gradina opens the season on the 1st of May

5 reasons why camping is so cool

5 reasons why choosing camping for you holidays is a great idea

Camping Gradina – the first and last ingredient of your perfect summer vacation

Mediterranean-style bungalows expect Camping Gradina’s visitors

Increasing interest towards Camping Gradina’s caravans and bungalows

Free sun chairs, beach umbrellas and sea adventures at Camping Gradina for summer 2021

Take care of nature while having fun

Pure relax for a cleaner summer - The summer eco party of Camping Gradina

How to win a free weekend in Camping Gradina

Camping Gradina offers as a gift a free weekend in one of its luxury bungalows to the lucky one who joined the eco party "Pure Relax"

Cleaning for a prize: Music and cocktails for everyone at the eco party of Camping Gradina

More and more Bulgarians are looking for an ecological way to spend their vacation

Camping Gradina - a combination of luxury, nature and experience

Why camping in September has a unique charm

Camping Gradina: September luxury by the sea