Discover the beauty of nature, fascinating views and the traditions of the Southern Black Sea Coast revered in time. Give the opportunity to Camping Gradina to unlock the magic of this incredible area, from the endless beaches to the sweeping, crystal waters and ancient cities flooding with history.

The campsite is located in the vicinity of remarkable historical places such as the old towns of Sozopol and Nessebar which are members of the UNESCO world heritage and are famous for their beauty of nature, rich local culture and historically significant architecture.

The story of one of the oldest campsites in our country is still told by locals. Camping Gradina has gone through various stages in its development until it turned into a modern summer home for so many people today.

During the first half of the twentieth century the huge beach was used as a sand quarry but this activity was finally terminated in the 1950s. The name of the campsite was later inspired by the dozens of vegetable and fruit gardens which appeared in the area. Due to the favorable southern climate, the beautiful views and the large beach, it became an attractive seaside area for both young and old.

Gradually tents and more and more holidaymakers began to appear. As early as these days, Gradina gained the fame of a campsite for bohemians and freedom-loving souls looking for a holiday as close as possible to the sea and nature.

One of the first facilities established for the campsite guests is the post office overlooking the entrance. Thus everyone could send a beautiful postcard to their relatives.

Gradina did not stop to develop its bohemian look in the 1980s and also when the first bungalows appeared. They were very small white houses with pointed roofs funnily called by the locals “witches’ houses”.

Today the campsite still keeps its authentic bohemian free spirit providing all the comfort and amenities for a pleasant stay at the seaside. Many people forget about their busy everyday life and stay here for the whole summer since the free spirit of Camping Gradina charges your batteries like nothing else.